Fr.Murtagh showed us around his wonderful garden. He has potatoes, lettuces, carrots, cucumbers, gooseberries, strawberries, tomatoes, apples, fennel, rhubarb, cabbages, beetroot, spearmint, rocket, corriander, lemon balm, grapes, olives, figs, oranges, brocolli, chilli peppers, lavendar, artichokes, sage, hazelnuts and kiwi’s growing in his garden. He also showed us cuckoo’s spit with very cute newborn baby grasshoppers and we saw the swallows with their forked tail from Africa flying around eating insects. We learned so much and would love to be invited for lunch in his house some day! Thank you Fr.Murtagh for taking the time to show us the wonders of your garden.


A visit to Fr.Murtagh’s beautiful garden