We were lucky on Friday last to have a very interesting visit from Adam Daly’s granny Christina.

She came in to tell us all about her life when she was a little girl. We were surprised to hear that the girls and boys were separated in the class and on the yard. At break time the boys played football and the girls played hopscotch, skipping or marbles. Even if one of the girls wanted to play football they were not allowed. After 2 0’clock everyday the girls would learn how to knit and sew and the boys practiced their football.

There was no uniform in Christina’s school and the girls were not allowed to wear trousers. They had to wear skirts everyday. Christina’s teacher was very strict and if you misbehaved you got lots of lines to write out.

During the school holidays Christina worked hard picking fruit and vegetables. All the food they ate was fresh and healthy and they got plenty of exercise walking to and from school everyday.

We really enjoyed hearing all about school in the old days. Thank you so much Christina for taking the time to visit our class.


Adam Daly’s Granny’s Visits 1st Class