News Updates from: Year 2015-2016

Scoil Bhríde Newsletter June 2016

Scoil Bhríde Newsletter

June 2016

Pupil of the Month and Special Commendation Awards

POM JUne 2016 083

Junior Infants: Emma, Elizabeth and David

POM JUne 2016 085

Senior Infants: Luke, Eoghan and Isabelle

POM JUne 2016 086

First Class: Roisín, Rosie and Abbie

POM JUne 2016 088

Second Class: Seán, Caoimhe and Seán (photograph withheld)

     POM JUne 2016 098

Third Class: Lucy, Grace and Holly

POM JUne 2016 099 

Third Class: Clodagh, Conor and Rian

POM JUne 2016 100

Fourth Class: Luke, Oisín and Samantha

POM JUne 2016 101

Fifth Class: Kiera, Michael and Josh (photographs withheld)

Pencil Clip Art Black And White | Clipart Panda - Free Clipart ImagesHandwriting Awards from Junior Infants – Second Class

POM JUne 2016 090

POM JUne 2016 091

POM JUne 2016 092

POM JUne 2016 093

First Class went on their school tour with Second Class to the Crystal Maze on Thursday the 21st of June. The boys team ‘The Experts’ won a trophy for collecting 95 crystals. It was great fun and they had a great day!

Last Friday, the 24th of June, First Class had a movie day for winning the copper coin collection in the school. This week they also had a science day and a visit to the playground. Such a busy month!

Cake Sake

Our annual Cake Sale was a huge success and raised funds for the school. Many thanks to all that contributed and attended.

imagesUDNHKA0TScoil Bhríde Fun Day

We has a great day in school and up in the football field on Friday the 17th of June. The children participated in races, obstacle courses, cricket and GAA. They also had great fun on the bouncing castles and in the free play area. An enjoyable day was had by everyone!

Sports Day 2016 010   Sports Day 2016 033

Graduation Mass

Sixth Class had their Graduation Mass on Thursday the 23rd of June. It was a lovely mass with beautiful singing and fantastic artwork on display in the school hall. Everyone was sad to see them leaving and we wish them all the best in the future!

Choir Trip

On Tuesday, the 14th of June Ms Keogh took the school choir on their annual trip to the Franklyn Cafe as a thank you for all their great work during the year. Everyone had a lovely time!

flagGreen School Newsflag

Greetings from the Green Schools Committee. This is our final newsletter of the summer term. We have had a very busy and productive year.

We attended the  Grow Awards in the Crown Plaza in Dundalk and received our four star environmental award as well as third place in the Eco Tribes Medieval Garden challenge. There were a lot of beautiful projects submitted from other schools and the standard was very high. We were very pleased with our result and expect to improve on this next year.

The bio diverse hedge is thriving and there are considerably more butterflies and insects around because of the greater number of wild flower species. The insects are making excellent compost as well.

The current green flag that we have been working on is Global Citizenship. There is a renewed emphasis on recycling, monitoring our energy consumption as well as conserving water in school and at home. We will be focusing on projects on fair trade on how our demand for commodities like tea or coffee can affect the world on many different levels. We are all responsible for how our actions can affect the planet and it all starts on a local level.

Regards, The Green Schools Team.


Scoil Bhríde Newsletter May 2016

flowersScoil Bhríde Newsletterflowers

May 2016

trophyPupil of the Month and Special Commendation Awards

POM May 2016 036

Junior Infants: Fionn, Maggie and Ellie

POM May 2016 037

Senior Infants: Banica, Fatima and Erin

POM May 2016 038

First Class: Erin, Hannah and Eleanor

POM May 2016 039

Second Class: Eric, David and Laragh

POM May 2016 2 002

Third Class: Kayla and Daniel

POM May 2016 2 003

Third Class: Oisín, Saoirse and Mary

POM May 2016 2 006

Fourth Class:Denis and Matthew

POM May 2016 2 007

Fifth Class: Emma, Katie and Christopher

POM May 2016 2 008

Sixth Class: Amy, Kyle and Tom


yoga Yoga

Junior Infants, Senior Infants and First Class have been taking part in yoga once a week. All the children have had so much fun! They all really enjoyed learning new breathing and poses.

IMG_3360         IMG_3363

vase of flowersFirst Class News

The month of May is a very special month for Mary so we made a May Altar to say our prayers at every morning. Children from our class featured on the Rosary Relay on so we said our prayers with that video some mornings too. 

Adam and Abbi represented our class on the Green Schools Committee when the judges from the Grow and Eco Tribes Awards came to talk to the children about the planting of the Thyme Keepers Garden. Mrs Moran said they did really well answering all the questions and she learned a lot from them.

This week we had very important Maths and English tests. Everyone tried their best. We got to visit the playground because of the lovely sunny weather. We all had great fun playing and climbing!

communionFirst Holy Communion

Congratulations to all the boys and girls in Second Class who made their First Holy Communion on the 14th of May.


A big congratulations also to all the boys and girls in Sixth Class who made their Confirmation on the 11th of May.

school news 2

cake saleCake Sale

The school will hold its annual Cake Sale on Thursday the 16th of June in the school hall from 9.45 to 12.45. All are welcome! There will also be a raffle with lots of prizes that have been donated by the local community and competitions to ‘Guess the teddy’s name’ and ‘Guess how many sweets are in the jar’. Tickets for the raffle and competitions are on sale now and can be purchased by the children from their teachers. Tickets can also be purchased at the Cake Sale. We hope to see everyone there! Thank you for your continued support.

Graduation-clipart-clipart-cliparts-for-youSixth Class Graduation Mass

Sixth Class Graduation Mass will take place on Thursday the 23rd of June in the school hall at 7.30 p.m.

Go Green Dress Up Day

We are encouraging the children to ‘Go Green on June 13’ to support the Boys in Green! The children will be allowed to wear green jerseys or t-shirts instead of their regular school uniform on Monday the 13th of June. This is the day of the Ireland opening match against Sweden in Stade de France. All schools that participate will be entered into a draw to win free sports equipment for their school. The children will be asked to bring in €1 for this dress up day.


School Tours will take place for all classes during the month of June.

Third – Sixth Class Tour Information

Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Classes will be going to Crystal Maze on Wednesday the 8th of June. The bus will leave at 9 a.m. and be back at 3 p.m. The children must bring a change of clothes, a packed lunch and water to drink.

flagGreen Schools Newsflag

Greetings from the Green Schools team on a very hot and busy week, long may the good weather last! Our new Eco Tribes garden is starting to come into flower now and looks fantastic. Last year’s garden is looking more established and the yew tree is thriving. Both gardens are an asset to the school and the local community. 

The judges from the Eco Tribes came to the school and questioned all the children involved . It was reassuring to hear very detailed answers and genuine enthusiasm for this huge project. The judges seemed very impressed as well. We hope all our hard work has paid off. We will be representing our school for the Grow and Eco Tribes Awards in mid June and we have our fingers crossed. Let us take this opportunity to thank Mrs Moran, our pupils, teachers, tidy towns and parents for all their hard work and contributions to this project.

Regards, The Green Schools Committee

POM May 2016 041

Adam and Abbi (First Class) and Ryan and Neala (Second Class) received certificates from Mrs Moran for their great enthusiasm when speaking to the judges from the Grow and Eco Tribes Awards.

piggy bankCredit Union Super Savers

Well done to all the Super Savers that save with the Credit Union every week. The Credit Union have awarded special prizes in each class to the following children; Maggie (Junior Infants), Sophie (Senior Infants), Isobel (First Class), Ben (Second Class), Derek (Third Class), Oisín (Third Class), Katie Anne (Fourth Class), Jonny (Fifth Class) and Conor (Sixth Class).

POM May 2016 042                    POM May 2016 2 010


Our bird was kidnapped!!!

Our bird for the Cake Sale raffle was kidnapped on Thursday morning! Everyone was very worried. 

2016-06-01 22.22.18 (1)

Mrs Moran go an email from the person that took him. They sent her this message:

If you solve some clues and agree to our demands below the bird will be returned unharmed.



Luckily enough, Junior and Senior Infants decided to see if they could solve the clues to find the missing bird. Everyone was hoping that they would! They managed to solve the clues and find the bird. We were all so relieved and also very happy that we had no homework on Thursday night!





Well done to all the children who participated in the Credit Union Super Savers Week! Some children opened an account today and others added to their savings. A special certificate and treat was given to everyone. A huge THANK YOU to DUNLEER CREDIT UNION for sponsoring the upgrade of ICT in our school. We are delighted to have state-of-the-art equipment in all rooms. 



Congratulations to all the children in 2nd class on making their First Holy Communion. A big thank you to Ms. Connolly for her hard work in preparing the children for this special occasion and to Ms. Keogh and the choir for the beautiful singing.


Scoil Bhríde Newsletter April 2016

april%20clipartScoil Bhríde Newsletter april%20clipart

April 2016

Pupil of the Month and Special Commendation Awards

  POM April 2016 020

Junior Infants: Jake, Elif and Grace

POM April 2016 021

Senior Infants: Sam, Oisín and Ellie

POM April 2016 025

First Class: James and Ryan       

POM April 2016 027

Second Class: Aoife and Sohaib

POM April 2016 041

Third Class: Alannah and Hannah


Third Class: Conor, Lara and Brendan

POM April 2016 042

Fourth Class: Conall, Cian and Naia

  POM April 2016 044

Fifth Class: Ellie, Jonny and Ronan

POM April 2016 045

Sixth Class: Georgina, Amy and Ryan

Junior Infants are really happy with their new interactive whiteboard , it is a huge improvement on our old one and makes our work more exciting . Junior Infants have also been taking part in station teaching. We all learned so much and Ms Boylan and Junior Infants would like to say a big Thank You to Ms Woods, Ms McCreanor , Ms Clayton  and Ms Mullen.


This week in First Class, we started our first Yoga session. We even got to go outside as it was a beautiful sunny day. We loved it! Mr. Mc Donagh has been teaching us all about the Olympics. We are learning about all the different Olympic sports. We also did drama with Mr. McDonagh and all together we made up an exciting story called the Isle of the Lost.  


communionFirst Holy Communion                                

First Holy Communion will take place on Saturday May 14th, 2016 at 11 a.m. 



Confirmation will take place this Wednesday May 11th, 2016 at 11 a.m.




Scoil Bhríde Newsletter March 2016

Scoil Bhríde Newsletter

March 2016

Pupil of the Month

and Special Commendation Awards

POM March 2016 019

Junior Infants: Abbie, Cillian and Nathan (absent)

POM March 2016 015

Senior Infants: Amy, Jason and Emma

POM March 2016 016

First Class: Teddy, Laoise and Caoimhe

POM March 2016 018

Second Class: Rebecca, Kayla and Charlie

POM March 2016 009

Third Class: Callum, Abigail and Rory

POM March 2016 010

Third Class: Brendan, Saoirse and Michelle

POM March 2016 011

Fourth Class: Robert, Tom and Maya

POM March 2016 012

Fifth Class: Vicky, Sophie and Tadhg

POM March 2016 013

Sixth Class: Ellen, Jane and Erin

school news 2


Boys and girls from Fifth and Sixth Classes took part in the FAI Blitzs in Oriel Park at the end of February. All four teams played very well in their groups and scored plenty of goals. Well done to all!

Cross Country Running

36 boys and girls from Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Classes took part in a cross country event hosted by Tullyallen NS on the 9th of March. All ran extremely well on a challenging track and in blustery conditions. Caimin Kirwan placed in the medals and all children were well up the field. Well done to all who participated and for the training that they put in during their lunch breaks in the weeks running up to the event.

green flagGreen Schools News

Spring has finally arrived to Scoil Bhríde. You will notice a beautiful display of yellow crocuses at the main entrance to the school. They were planted last year by Third Class to commemorate Holocaust Day on the 27th of January. They will bloom every year at this time to remind us of the suffering and persecution the Jewish people endured during World War 2. 

Our Global Citizenship noticeboard is looking very colourful. We are slowly but steadily revising our previous Green Flag themes.

We began our SOW,WOW and COW days again on Wednesday 7th of March and we hope to continue with them every Wednesday, weather permitting. Thank you to all that participated.

We raised €85 for the school with the Cash for Clobber company – Who said it doesn’t pay to recycle?

We will be entering the Tree Tribes competition again this year and it will be a Medieval Garden theme. All are welcome to suggest ideas and participate. Costume/dress will again be medieval in appearance. We will be designing a garden and decorating the triangular area between Glen Dimplex and our school. We will be having an internal competition between classes to :

  1. Design a school coat of arms incorporating a medieval theme.
  2. Suggest a name for the school’s Eco Tribe, again with a medieval theme.


We will also be very busy designing our outdoor classroom.

Regards, The Green Schools Committee.

Raising our flag

We will raise the Irish flag on March 15th to commemorate the 1916 Easter Rising. The classes will gather around the green area  at the front of the school where the flag will be raised. Fifth and Sixth Classes will play Amhrán na bhFiann on the tin whistle. The Proclamation will then be read. All classes will then sing Amhrán na bhFiann.


First Class

This month in first class we have been busy dancing in P.E. We have learned two dances ‘Better when I’m dancing’ by Meghan Trainor and the German Folk Dance ‘Come to me’. It was great fun and good exercise! We have some brilliant dancers in our class.

Last Thursday it was World Book Day and the children were allowed dress up as their favourite book character. We had seven Elsa’s from Frozen!

Next Tuesday some of the children in our class are taking part in a special Rosary Relay.

Second Class 

Second Class have been busy painting and creating beautiful pieces of artwork for Spring. Have a look at their website page to see all this wonderful work!

Third Class

Third Class have learned Irish dancing this month and they enjoyed it very much. They made some lovely Mother’s Day cards and gifts. The children are still enjoying baking each Tuesday. Everyone is looking forward to playing tin whistle, singing a song and doing some Irish dancing for Seachtain na Gaeilge. We are all looking forward to our Easter holidays!

Fourth Class

Term 2 is drawing near an end and we have had a great term. In January and February we had great fun with Ms. Ward learning about the local area in both Geography and History. We have been doing some challenging activities in Maths especially decimals and fractions. The class has also engaged in  fun activities such as:

 The Samba workshop – Kieran showed us how to play the different drums and we performed at the end of the workshop.

Taking part in the cross country races in Tullyallen N.S. 

Preparation for the Seó Gaeilge and use of Irish for Seachtain na Gaeilge.

 Keep an eye on the website for some photos for our news above and other activities

Fifth Class News

February was a very busy month for Fifth Class. On Pancake Tuesday we experimented with delicious toppings for our pancakes and hot-cross bus. We celebrated the beginning of Lent by attending mass in St Brigid’s Church and receiving our ashes. We dressed up as our favourite book characters for World Book Day and read our World Book Day books. We are taking part in a Creative Writing Workshop in Dundalk library with the author Nicola Pierce. We are also working hard on producing our own story set in 1916.

Easter Holidays

We hope that everyone enjoys the Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations and the Easter Holidays. We will see everyone back at school on Monday the 4th of April.






Scoil Bhríde Newsletter February 2016

Daffodil 1 Clip Art at - vector clip art online, royalty ...Scoil Bhríde NewsletterDaffodil 1 Clip Art at - vector clip art online, royalty ...

February 2016

trophyPupil of the Month and Special Commendation Awards

We will have a combined assembly for the months of February and March on Friday the 11th of March.

First Holy Confession

Congratulations to Second Class who celebrated their First Confession on Wednesday, the 10th of February. The class read readings, said prayers and sang lovely songs. Everyone had a lovely evening.


Important School Events To Note

World Book Day

We will celebrate World Book Day on Thursday the 3rd of March. The children can dress up as a character from a book on this day. There will be lots of activities taking place in the school to celebrate World Book Day, including story telling, book quizzes and watching The biggest book show on earth! There are lots more ideas, information on events, book related videos, interviews with authors and trailers for the children to enjoy, plus downloadable resources to be found at WWW.WORLDBOOK DAY.COM.

Seachtain na Gaeilge

1-17 Márta

Tá féile na bliana seo ar siúl ón 1-17 Márta 2016. Tugann an fhéile deis go gach uile dhuine sult a bhaint as an nGaeilge, trí fhéilire imeachtaí siamsúla agus spraíúla a chur ar fáil do gach cineál suime agus gach aoisghrúpa.Beidh Seó Gaeilge againn sa halla ar an 16 Márta. Beidh ceol, spraoi gus spórt againn ar an lá seo!


Raising the Irish Flag

On Tuesday the 16th of March, we will raise the Irish Flag on the school grounds to commemorate the 1916 Easter Rising. The children will read the Proclamation, sing the National Anthem and Fifth and Sixth Class will play also play the National Anthem on the tin whistle. We are looking froward to celebrating this important event.



Scoil Bhríde Newsletter January 2016


Scoil Bhríde Newsletter

January 2016


Dalta na Míosa and Special Commendation Awards

  Sponsored by Dunleer Credit Union

Junior Infants (2)

POM Jan 2016 079

Junior Infants: Femi, Kaitlin and Tiana       Senior Infants: Rebekah and Charlie

1st class                     2nd class (2)

First Class: Keegan, Caoimhe and Molly      Second Class: Jack, Neala and Caitlin

POM Jan 2016 080                     DSC03969

Third Class: Stephanie and Aoife              Third Class: Charlie, Cathal and Connor

DSC03971                    POm jan 16 2 001

Fourth Class: Eírn and Shannon               Fifth Class: Kiki and Lawrence


Sixth Class: Tom, Alexandra and Zenat



readingJunior Infants News

We are very excited as we have started reading by ourselves. We are all excited to be moving on to our new books . We are also having great fun with the new kitchen Santa brought us . We are using it at Aistear time and it is very popular!

skippingFirst Class News

We are having a very healthy start to 2016 in First Class! Everyday Ms McGeough is taking a photo of the healthiest lunches and their smiling owners and sending it off to Operation Transformation. Look out for our healthy lunches on the television!

We are also keeping fit and strong with lots of exciting sport! On Tuesday morning Mark gave us a special skipping lesson. We learned lots of new tricks. Now we just need to practice them on the yard. Last week Michael came in to show us how to play cricket. Everyone had a turn batting. In P.E. we are learning a new dance to Meghan Trainor’s song Better when I’m Dancing. It is great fun!

pencilSixth Class News

We are settling back in after the Christmas holidays.  We are looking forward to a busy year ahead with Confirmation and many opportunities like the Credit Union Quiz and The Tullyallen Cross Country Running. Our New Year’s Resolutions are to work hard and enjoy our final year at Scoil Bhríde! 

school news 2

crossSaint Brigid’s Day

We will celebrate Saint Brigid’s on Monday the 1st of February. The Senior classes will attend mass on this day. The children will also be making Saint Brigid’s crosses with their teachers.

ropeSkipping Fun!

All classes took part in a Skip-n-Rope workshop last Tuesday. The children learned lots of new tricks and skills which they will be able to use at home and on the school yard. At the end of the day, all classes attended a showcase in the school hall, where different children demonstrated some of the skills that they had learned.

flag                     Green School News        flag    

Welcome back after the  break. We hope that you all had a great Christmas, it seems like a long time ago now! We are slowly revising all the previous themes of the Green Flag and trying to reduce our waste, water and energy consumption in small but sustainable steps.

May we take this opportunity to remind all the parents to send in as much ‘Copper’ as possible which will be allocated to helping establish the outdoor classroom.

On a similar theme, we will be taking part in a ‘ bag drop’ which involves collecting clothing items , pairs of shoes etc. The money we raise from this will also go towards the outdoor classroom. So gather as much clothing as you can. The more bags, the greater the amount of money we will receive for the school. We will also be eligible to enter a grand prize for the school that collects the most clothing  – A possible €2250!

Confirmation-ClassSixth Class Commitment Ceremony

Ceremony Of Commitment for Confirmation children will be held this Saturday, 30th January at 7. 30 p.m.

pray 2First Confession

First Confession for Second Class will take place in the evening of Wednesday, the 10th of February. Confession will take place in the church.

daffodilsMid-Term Break

The school will close from Monday the 15th of February to Friday the 19th of February for the mid-term break.






Scoil Bhríde Newsletter December 2015

Scoil Bhríde Newsletter

December 2015

Dalta na Míosa and Special Commendation Awards

trophyDalta na Míosa and Special Commendations

POM dec 15 002

Junior Infants: Abbie, Shane and David

POM dec 15 004

Senior Infants: Tara and Evan and Katie (absent)

Pom dec 15 2 016

First Class: Lauren and Aoife and Oliver (absent)

POM dec 15 007

Second Class: Erin and Marco (absent)

Pom dec 3 001

Third Class: Grace and Stephanie

Pom dec 15 2 007

Third Class: Lee, Samantha and Derek

Pom dec 15 2 008

Fourth Class: Katie Anne, Ellie and Sam

Pom dec 15 2 009

Fifth Class: Annie, Shane and Emma

Pom dec 15 2 010

Sixth Class: Ben and Rebecca and Abbie (absent)


trophyThere was also a lot of awards given to brothers and sisters this month!

POM dec 15 009

Aoife and Shane 

POM dec 15 008

Erin and Tara 

Pom dec 15 2 012

Derek and Rebecca 


Penguin in a santa hat clip art penguin in a santa hat imageChristmas School News

All classes have been very busy working towards Christmas. They have been practising carols, prayers and a play for the Christmas Service. They have also been creating some beautiful Christmas artwork, as well as working very hard at their school work Here is some class news!

 Elf on the Shelf

The elf on the shelf has visited some classes in our school during the month of December. Lucky has visited First Class and Elfie has visited Second Class. They done lots of funny things. This is what Second Class has to tell us about their elf!

We have an elf on the shelf. He does something everyday. He put lollies where everyone sits, read a book and he took chocolate from the boys advent calendar! He also wrapped toilet roll around the Christmas tree, sat in the sweet box and gave us all chocolate coins. The elf on the shelf has so much fun! We love seeing what he does everyday!

Third Class are very excited about Christmas!

Third Class are looking forward to the Carol Service and  cannot wait for Santa to come. They will be playing Silent Night on the tin whistle. They have worked very hard to learn the notes and they enjoy playing the tin whistle. They have had a very good year so far and are looking forward to next year. Happy Holidays to all and have a great New year!

Fourth Class recap on the year so far!

As Term One draws to a close we have enjoyed the work in Fourth Class. We have had some great fun in Art construction of local businesses, SPHE with our secret friend challenge, Folens Maths games online. Also for procedural writing we made some pepper mints in class, it was great fun and they were scrumptious. We are looking forward to Christmas and Santa coming!

A Christmas joke

What do skunks use to wrap their presents?



green flagGreen School’s News

Season’s greetings everyone from all the Green School Committee. We have recently been revisiting our litter, waste and energy flags in the school to ensure everything is running smoothly. A little housekeeping is essential to remind all the new pupils and existing ones  of what goes where. It is hoped that pupils will bring this message home.

Christmas is only around the corner and unfortunately a phenomenal amount of packaging results in our households. Try to recycle where possible especially plastic, cardboard and aluminium. The local recycling centre (beside the library) takes your bottles and cans. The larger centres in both Drogheda and Dundalk take an incredible variety of household waste. They even take your old Christmas trees as well as batteries and only cost €2 entry fee. Many of the discount stores stock bird feeders and competitively priced bird food  – an essential at this time of year and especially into spring when the cold weather  can really affect their population.

Have a  Greener Christmas, The Green School Committee.


Pantomime Time!

Pom dec 15 2 015

Drogheda Pantomime Soceity presents Jack and the Beanstalk from January 17th – 24th 2016 at the TLT Theatre, Drogheda. The Parents Association will have tickets available for Thursday the 21st of January. Please contact the Parents Association for further information. You can also check out their page on Facebook for more details (Scoil Bhríde National School Parents Association). All proceeds from the sale of the school tickets will go towards the development of the school’s outdoor garden. 


Newsletter November 2015

snowsnowScoil Bhríde Newsletter November 2015

Dalta na Míosa and Special Commendations

Sponsored by Dunleer Credit Union


trophyDalta na Míosa and Special Commendationstrophy

POM nov 2015 001

Junior Infants: Elif, Fionn and Elizabeth

POM nov 2015 004

Senior Infants: Isolabelle, Eddie and Katie

POM nov 2015 006

First Class: Sophie, Liam and Kyle

POM nov 2015 008

Second Class: Steven, Thea and Saoirse

POM nov 2015 011

Third Class: Hollie and Jamie

POM nov 2015 013

Third Class: Katie and Cheilí

POM nov 2015 014

Fourth Class: Ali and Oisín

POM nov 2015 017

Fifth Class: Katie, Jonny and Florentina

POM nov 2015 018

Sixth Class: Fionn, Alannah and Amy



Junior Infants

Junior Infants are very excited this week as we have visitors coming to our room to talk about their work in the community. We would like to say a big thank you to Shane’s dad Paul who is talking to us about the role of the Postman.  Junior Infants are also very busy preparing for the Christmas Prayer Service. They are looking forward to seeing their families in the church on the day .

fruitFirst Class

We finished up the Food Dudes Programme earlier in November and we all loved trying new fruit and vegetables! We are still trying everyday to bring in some fruit and vegetables in our new lunch boxes. We started GAA training this month and it’s great fun. This week Sunny, our class teddy, went home with Abbie and he put up the star on her Christmas tree! We are having fun experimenting and learning about magnets this week in class. We have just put up bird feeders on our class windows so we are waiting to see if any birds come to eat the seeds and nuts. We’ll let you know next time if we spot any birds!

bakingThird Class

Next week, Monday 30th November, will be the last week of swimming for Third Class. Everyone enjoyed it very much and made great improvement in their swimming. Kayla went to Belgium for a Taekwando competition, she reached the quarter finals. Well done Kayla! Calum had a wonderful holiday in Hong Kong. He said it was great and he ate in lovely restaurants every night. Third Class will start baking again on the 1st of December. They are really looking forward to it!

mathsFourth Class

November has been a busy month for Fourth Class! In English we wrote our own poetry based on the poem “The Night Wind”. In Maths we have been working hard solving problems in division, decimals and money. We have been making costumes for different countries in Art in fabric and fibre. Keep an eye out on our website page for the photos!

scienceSixth Class

Sixth class have been very busy this month. We have set up a new ball area on the yard. So far it has been a great success. We have also started Science Lessons with STEAM which we do every Wednesday. We love the experiments. We can’t wait for Christmas to come!


green flag

Green Schools News

The Parents Committee have organised a Copper Run to help raise funds for the Outdoor Classroom. Please send in as much copper as you can to enable this very worthwhile resource for the school. A weather proof seating area, shrubs, trees, plants and flowers as well as construction materials are needed.

We have also been busy designing the artwork for the Green Schools notice board which represents the local community as well as the further reaching global nature of the Green Schools. We will post up the finished work on our website page. Please check it out when its done!

Regards, The Green School’s Committee


Image result for irish flag clip artReceiving the Proclamation and our National Flag

We all sat down in the hall and waited for the army to arrive. A few minutes later they arrived. The talked about the 1916 Rising and asked some questions about it. The head of the army read the Proclamation with my brother Fionn. Then we received the Irish flag and the Proclamation. We then sang the National Anthem. Some children played the National Anthem on the tin whistle too. It was a great day for our school. By Oisín, Fourth Class