Cuckoo Connolly

Last Thursday the 3rd of December 1st Class were lucky enough to go to a show in Drogheda Arts Centre. The show was called Cuckoo Connolly’s Curious Clockshop.

Cuckoo Connolly owns the Curious Little Clock-Shop at the bottom of Main Street.  He has the very important task of keeping the Christmas Clock going, a job he has been given by Santa Claus himself. When the Christmas Stealer breaks in and puts three locks on the clock, Christmas is not going to happen. Cuckoo enlists the help of Willie the Wizard to try and get back the three keys. With Willie’s help he goes on three amazing adventures which bring him to Winnie the Witch’s House, Conor the Crazy Clown’s Circus and Padraic the Pirate’s Island.

Cuckoo bravely got the keys back, unlocked the clock and saved Christmas for everyone.

We really enjoyed the play. It was very funny. Even running to the bus in the pouring rain didn’t spoil our Christmas trip!! 

Cuckoo Connolly’s Curious Clockshop