Theresa Kenwright, Emma Hanlon’s granny came to 1st Class to talk to us about what life was like when she was a little girl.

She was one of eleven children so she came from a very busy home. The children helped with the chores, sometimes even bringing the cows with them on their way to school to move them to a different field.

Theresa started school when she was three in what was then called baby infants. There was only herself and another girl in her class and there were only two teachers in the whole school. Her favourite subject was Maths and she went all the way up to 7th Class.

She walked with her brothers and sisters through the fields to school when the bull wasn’t out and her mammy made their lunches of home made brown bread and homemade jam. Her mammy also made their clothes. In the yard at school the girls ran faster than the boys and she liked to play football. There was a fireplace in the classroom and in the winter the children got hot chocolate.

At home Theresa’s brother made a pretend field for the children and they played farming games. At the end of the summer they had great fun hiding in the bales from the harvest.

We really enjoyed listening to all Theresa’s stories and we are very grateful to her for taking the time to come into our class.

Emma’s Granny’s Visit