If your child has a particular health condition such as asthma, diabetes or an allergy to nuts, please put this in writing to the school and talk regularly talk to the principal. If your child requires medication to be administered during the school day please inform the principal. Medication including inhalers should never be given to children to keep in their school bags.

Head lice are a common problem in primary schools. Please check your child’s head regularly and if you discover any “little visitors” please let us know so we can inform all parents/guardians of any outbreaks.

Your child is sharing toilet facilities with other children. Please discuss the importance of personal hygiene, particularly flushing and hand washing with her/him.

In the interest of safety, small earrings and watches are the only jewellery permitted.

Glass bottles, cans and flasks containing hot food are not permitted for safety reasons.

The school cannot take responsibility for personal property brought to school. Children are not to bring mobile phones or any electronic games and equipment to school.

SPHE is part of the curriculum and will be taught to every child. Through SPHE children learn to develop important skills for living a healthy life.

STAY SAFE – We will be using the Stay Safe Programme with all classes every year. This is a child abuse prevention and personal safety skills programme and is taught as part of Social, Personal & Health Education.

Scoil Bhríde is obliged to and will submit a return to the NEWB (National Education Welfare Board) on those students with serious attendance issues that have been identified during the current academic year i.e. students falling within the following criteria:
• a student has been absent from school for a cumulative total of twenty days or more
• a student’s name is to be removed from the school register for any reason
• a student has been suspended for a cumulative total of six or more days
• a principal is concerned about a student’s attendance (includes periods of being late for school and/or leaving school early)
• the school has expelled a student
A record is kept of all children who arrive late for and/or are picked up early from school.

Individual pupil attendance is recorded each day in the class roll book. The calling of the roll will commence each day at 9.50am. If a child is not present by that time he/she then will be marked absent whether or not the child arrives later.

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