Hello everyone, I hope you are all keeping well.  My name is Kaitlin Lennon and I’m 9 years old. I’m in 3rd class in Schoil Bhride, Dunleer and my teacher is Ms Gillespie.  As you know we are on a lockdown.  I’ve been keeping busy with some interesting assignments for school and Drama.  Ms Gillespie is working really hard to keep teaching us, even from home.  It felt strange being home schooled at first but I’m sure we are all getting used to it now.  

I’m really happy that I still get to practice drama with the Little Duke Theatre as they have moved all their classes online.  

I’m enjoying being at home with my family and having more time to play with my brother, read new books and play board games.  However I also miss all my school friends and my friends from drama too.

I miss my grandparents very much but I know I have to do the right thing which is staying at home to keep them safe.  I get to video chat with them all the time but I miss the hugs!  

We are saving people’s lives everyday by staying at home.  So lets not give up now.  Stay positive! 

“There is a rainbow of hope at the end of every storm”

Hello Everybody, my name is Shane Grogan and I live in Lismanus, Dunleer. I am 9 years old and I am in third class in Scoil Bhride and my teachers name is Ms Gillespie. I have two sisters, Emma and Aoife.

What do I think about Covid 19?

I don’t like Covid 19 because every day people are getting sick. We have to stay at home all the time and I miss seeing my friends and my cousins.  I can’t go to my child minders house Maureen, I miss her so much and all the treats she would give us. I also miss visiting my nanny and grandad’s house but I am lucky that my Grandad Peter lives over the pass and I can see him most days.  

It is my birthday next week and I will be 10 years old but I wont be able to have a party so I am sad about that. My sister Aoife has promised to bake me a cake and Emma is going to buy me something nice.  

How do I keep myself busy?

I have school work to do every day and my mammy and daddy help my sister and me with this. I play football every day and practice my skills and I go for walks with my family and my two dogs Ruby and Buzz. They love to jump in the stream at the bottom of the field and one time me and my sister joined them as it was a warm day.

Ms Gillespie had given us a recipe for scones and I have made them a couple of times. I delivered some to my grandad and my uncle. My dad tried to cut my hair as it was getting long but it didn’t work out that well.

Thanks to all the wonderful people working hard on the frontline helping to keep us all safe. I am looking forward to seeing all my friends  soon. I say my prayers every night that everyone will keep well and I hope that this virus will go away.


My Name is Ellie McCabe,I am 5 years old,I,m in junior infants in Scoil Bhride in Dunleer,My Teachers name is Ms Boylan,I really miss my teacher and all my friends,I am doing all my school work at home,it feels really strange,I go out for walks with my Mama and play football in the garden with my brothers Ciaran Cathal and Robert,I love to dress up like a princess,and build tents outside with Robert,I try to help my Mama and Dada everyday,The first thing I will do when this is all over is give my 2 Granda’s and my Granny Maureen a big hug,I really miss them so much,Stay safe everyone,love from Ellie McCabe 


Hi my name is Maisie Fanning. I am 5 years old.  I am in junior infants in Scoil Bhride and Ms Boylan is the best teacher ever in the world.  I have been keeping busy by playing with my best sister Lauren and my baby brother Harry. Iv been going out into the garden and helping my Mammy plant flowers, baking lots of yummy treats and my Daddy eats them all. I miss going to school and seeing all my friends and Ms Boylan, I miss having play dates with my friends and I miss visiting my family and giving them big hugs. I also really miss seeing my cousin Meabh. I am sad that people are in hospital I hope this is over soon. When this is all over I can’t wait too go back to school and give my friends a big hug and everyone is happy again.

Hi My name is Scott Byrne. I am 6 years old and I go to Scoil Bhride Dunleer. I am in Junior infants and my teacher is Ms.Boylan.  I have spent the last few weeks doing schoolwork, going for walks, playing inside and outside, arts and crafts, going cycling, spending time with my family playing board games and baking and every morning and evening I video chat with my grandparents and aunties and uncles.  I miss visiting my extended family, my school, teachers and new friends and going to the shop to get sweets. I am looking forward to seeing my grandparents and family, going on holidays and the playground and seeing my school and friends again when it’s safe to do so.  I hope everyone is keeping safe and well and that i get to see you all soon x