We were very excited to have Jack Devine’s lovely granny Sanda in to visit us today in 1st Class.

Sandra grew up in Manchester city and it was very interesting to hear all about her school. Like Adam’s granny Christina, Sandra played a lot of games like hopscotch, skipping and elastics. She played cricket on her green in the summer with all her neighbourhood friends.

In Sandra’s class the girls and boys sat together and they played together in the yard. They wore a uniform but the girls were not allowed to wear trousers. They travelled to school on the bus.

One big difference in Sandra’s school was that they had a canteen and got a school dinner and dessert every lunchtime.

The children in Sandra’s class went on camping trips in the summer and stayed over for a few days.

Thank you so much Sandra for coming to see us and tell us all about life in Manchester when you were a little girl. We really enjoyed it:-)


Jack’s Granny Sandra comes to visit 1st Class