In early December 2022 everyone in Scoil Bhríde participated in our Kiva Launch – this was a special event to celebrate our status as a Kiva (Anti-bullying) school. 

Mr. Casey introduced the launch. 

6th Class created posters with the rules and read them out to everyone. 

1st class won the competition for making up the best Kiva rap and this was performed by them. 

Every class created a display containing a coloured cut-out of each child’s hand. These were held by children from each class. 

3rd class carried our Kiva banner. 

All classes received a box of Cadbury’s Hereos to celebrate the fact that we are all heroes when it comes to tackling bullying. 

We had a competition to name our new Kiva mascot and 3rd class won with the name CARA. CARA our teddy is now being passed around the school to keep classes company for a week at a time. CARA also participates in the Kiva lessons. 

We marched happily around the yard to music/songs based on the theme of friendship (e.g. “You’ve got a friend in me” from Toy Story). 

Ms. Keogh continued to play more music and songs after the march and everyone had an outdoor disco! 

Afterwards, back in the school, all classes participated in activities based on the theme of friendship – word searches, artwork, poetry, writing etc.

Well done to everyone who made this a very special occasion. 

We are proud to be a Kiva School!! 

Here are some links to videos taken on the day: 

And here are some photos of the event: