5th Class have really ‘hit the ground running’ in what is a very busy school year! We have got stuck into our school work and are all working well. We are enjoying working in our Literacy groups. We are doing some project work in Maths involving Averages. This year we are also learning to play the tin whistle as part of our music curriculum. Most of us have mastered our scales and some of the basic tunes. We have also completed a project on the Rugby World Cup; we are holding a Buster, so we all have a vested interested in the teams!

On the sporting front things are also very busy. We are getting some specialised GAA coaching from Seán (Louth GAA) during PE time. We have also done some Athletics at PE time and many from our class have competed for our school at the Louth Primary Schools Cross Country in Dkit. Vicky was in the top 10 of the 5th class girls in Louth. Well done Vicky! and all who participated. Also we are all trying-out for the School Gaelic teams.



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