Parent Teacher meetings usually take place in November each year.  School closes at 12.45pm on those days and meetings are scheduled from 1.15pm onwards.

 The aim of Parent/Teacher meetings is:

  • To let parents know how their children are progressing in school
  • To inform teachers on how children are coping outside school
  • To establish an on-going relationship and communication with parents
  • To help teachers/parents get to know the children better as individuals
  • To help children realise that home and school are working together


 Informal Parent/Teacher Meetings
 1. Communication between parents and teachers is to be encouraged

 2. Arranging parent/teacher meetings within the school day while children are in school is difficult. However, parents are welcome to speak to the Principal or teacher(s) at an appointed time
 3. Meetings with the class teacher at the class door to discuss a child’s concern/progress is discouraged on a number of grounds:
         a. A teacher cannot adequately supervise his/her class while at the same time speaking to a parent
        b. It is difficult to be discrete when so many children are standing close by
        c. It can be embarrassing for a child when his/her parent is talking to the teacher at a classroom door.

Occasions occur where a parent needs to speak to a teacher urgently. Sometimes these meetings need to take place without prior notice. The Principal will facilitate such meetings making every effort to ensure that the children in the class do not lose out on any of the teaching/learning time.

If parents wish to drop in lunch boxes, sports gear etc., this can be done through the secretary’s office as it is important to keep class interruptions to a minimum.

Parents are strongly discouraged from taking pupils out of school during term time in order to facilitate family holidays.

Formal Meetings
Formal timetabled parent/teacher meetings take place in November. However, if a parent wishes to arrange a meeting at any stage during the year to discuss their child, they may do so by prior appointment. 

All communication sent from the school will be sent to the child’s home address as given on the enrolment form, unless otherwise requested by parents.

In the case of separated parents, requests can be made by both parents to meet their child’s teacher(s) individually for parent/teacher meetings.