Scoil Bhríde Newsletter

December 2015

Dalta na Míosa and Special Commendation Awards

trophyDalta na Míosa and Special Commendations

POM dec 15 002

Junior Infants: Abbie, Shane and David

POM dec 15 004

Senior Infants: Tara and Evan and Katie (absent)

Pom dec 15 2 016

First Class: Lauren and Aoife and Oliver (absent)

POM dec 15 007

Second Class: Erin and Marco (absent)

Pom dec 3 001

Third Class: Grace and Stephanie

Pom dec 15 2 007

Third Class: Lee, Samantha and Derek

Pom dec 15 2 008

Fourth Class: Katie Anne, Ellie and Sam

Pom dec 15 2 009

Fifth Class: Annie, Shane and Emma

Pom dec 15 2 010

Sixth Class: Ben and Rebecca and Abbie (absent)


trophyThere was also a lot of awards given to brothers and sisters this month!

POM dec 15 009

Aoife and Shane 

POM dec 15 008

Erin and Tara 

Pom dec 15 2 012

Derek and Rebecca 


Penguin in a santa hat clip art penguin in a santa hat imageChristmas School News

All classes have been very busy working towards Christmas. They have been practising carols, prayers and a play for the Christmas Service. They have also been creating some beautiful Christmas artwork, as well as working very hard at their school work Here is some class news!

 Elf on the Shelf

The elf on the shelf has visited some classes in our school during the month of December. Lucky has visited First Class and Elfie has visited Second Class. They done lots of funny things. This is what Second Class has to tell us about their elf!

We have an elf on the shelf. He does something everyday. He put lollies where everyone sits, read a book and he took chocolate from the boys advent calendar! He also wrapped toilet roll around the Christmas tree, sat in the sweet box and gave us all chocolate coins. The elf on the shelf has so much fun! We love seeing what he does everyday!

Third Class are very excited about Christmas!

Third Class are looking forward to the Carol Service and  cannot wait for Santa to come. They will be playing Silent Night on the tin whistle. They have worked very hard to learn the notes and they enjoy playing the tin whistle. They have had a very good year so far and are looking forward to next year. Happy Holidays to all and have a great New year!

Fourth Class recap on the year so far!

As Term One draws to a close we have enjoyed the work in Fourth Class. We have had some great fun in Art construction of local businesses, SPHE with our secret friend challenge, Folens Maths games online. Also for procedural writing we made some pepper mints in class, it was great fun and they were scrumptious. We are looking forward to Christmas and Santa coming!

A Christmas joke

What do skunks use to wrap their presents?



green flagGreen School’s News

Season’s greetings everyone from all the Green School Committee. We have recently been revisiting our litter, waste and energy flags in the school to ensure everything is running smoothly. A little housekeeping is essential to remind all the new pupils and existing ones  of what goes where. It is hoped that pupils will bring this message home.

Christmas is only around the corner and unfortunately a phenomenal amount of packaging results in our households. Try to recycle where possible especially plastic, cardboard and aluminium. The local recycling centre (beside the library) takes your bottles and cans. The larger centres in both Drogheda and Dundalk take an incredible variety of household waste. They even take your old Christmas trees as well as batteries and only cost €2 entry fee. Many of the discount stores stock bird feeders and competitively priced bird food  – an essential at this time of year and especially into spring when the cold weather  can really affect their population.

Have a  Greener Christmas, The Green School Committee.


Pantomime Time!

Pom dec 15 2 015

Drogheda Pantomime Soceity presents Jack and the Beanstalk from January 17th – 24th 2016 at the TLT Theatre, Drogheda. The Parents Association will have tickets available for Thursday the 21st of January. Please contact the Parents Association for further information. You can also check out their page on Facebook for more details (Scoil Bhríde National School Parents Association). All proceeds from the sale of the school tickets will go towards the development of the school’s outdoor garden. 

Scoil Bhríde Newsletter December 2015