Scoil Bhríde Newsletter October 2015

Dalta na Míosa and Special Commendation Awards

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trophyDalta na Míosa

Junior Infants: Tiana

Senior Infants: Carly

First Class: Pádraig

Second Class: Jack

Third Class: Adam

Third Class: Lara

Fourth Class: Tom

Fifth Class: Ellie

Sixth Class: Conor


trophySpecial Commendations

Junior Infants: Seán and Ellie

Senior Infants: Mia and Lily

First Class: Adam and Abbi

Second Class: Yemi and Danielle

Third Class: Alanna and Jessica

Third Class: Clodagh and name withheld

Fourth Class: Ella and Cian

Fifth Class: Emma and name withheld

Sixth Class: Elizabeth and Kyle



Halloween jokes from Fourth Class

Why did the skeleton not get out of bed? Because he was a lazy bones!

Why did the skeleton not go to the ball? Because he had no body to go with it!skeleton

Why do you not let a skeleton laugh? Because it will set off the funny bone!

Why do you not let a skeleton laugh? Because it will set off the funny bone!


                            Other Halloween jokes

What do ghosts call their girlfriends? Ghoul friends.

What’s it like to be a vampire? A pain in the neck.


school news 2

School News

First Class

This month we have been very busy so far. Abbi’s Granny Chris came to visit us to tell us all about her life when she was a little girl. When she was in school there were no school uniforms and girls were not allowed to wear trousers!

On the 6th of October, we had our sponsored walk. It was a lovely warm day and we walked around the pitch four times. We really enjoyed it.

Food Dudes started last week. We ate apples and mangetout on the first day! The next day we tried bananas and peppers. We are very excited because we are getting stickers and prizes for eating all the fruit and vegetables.


Second Class

We all love the Do This In Memory Programme. It is a great chance for us to get to know more about God. Each month, as we enter the church, we light our candle. We remember that God is with us. We get a book called a Thumb Book to guide us through the mass. We are looking forward to making our First Holy Communion.


Fourth Class

Fourth Class have worked hard for the past eight weeks and are really looking forward to the Halloween break. We have had great fun and some of our work is displayed on the new website. Please visit our page on this website to see our work!


Fifth Class

We have had a very busy month of October! We enjoyed stretching our brains with Maths activities and puzzles during Maths Week.

We are continuing to learn new tunes to play on our tin whistle. We are looking forward to the mid-term break and Halloween. We have painted our classroom windows and have made Halloween joke books.




Sponsored Walk

Everyone put a great effort into the sponsored walk and really enjoyed it! Well done!



             Garda Sports Day

Sixth Class attended the Garda Sports Day. Demi won the penalty kick. Well done! Everyone had a great day. Please look at our page on this website to see some photos of the day!


flagflagGreen Schools News


We have elected our Green Schools Committee and we are looking forward to tackling our next green flag.

Third class have just completed planting a commemorative flower bed in front of the school. This is an extremely important project that involves planting yellow crocus bulbs. The crocus bulbs will flower at the end of January/beginning of February. They have been arranged in a pattern to replicate the Star Of David, which has six points and is yellow. The Jewish people were all forced to wear this star during Nazi rule. The flowering period is important because the crocus blooms at the end of January which coincides with international Holocaust Day (27th of January).

It is hoped that the crocuses will appear and bloom annually and remind us of the poignant episode in Jewish history.

On the subject of plants and flowers, we planted an alder tree in the Tree Tribe Garden to mark National Tree Day. The alder is native to Ireland and grows very well in damp and waterlogged conditions.

On  a final note, try to recycle as much as possible at home during the Halloween period and don’t forget to bring in your batteries.

Happy Halloween from the Green Schools Committee!



Scoil Bhríde Newsletter October 2015